How we got Started

Our hunt for a bargain started in 2014 when we were planning our Wedding and Honeymoon.
We engaged a number of Agents to provide us with quotes for our trip, only to be in shock at what our dream Wedding and 5 Week honeymoon was going to cost.
The quotes ranged from being modest, to outrageously overpriced. I understand that businesses need to be profitable, but this should not be so exorbitant that it seems out of reach or you feel as though you need to compromise on everything.
Out of curiosity I went in search of ways to save and still manage to tick our dream locations off our bucket list.
My Passion for all things travel was born. Yes its an investment in time and requires commitment to research, but I love it, so for me its not a chore. I love to help out friends and family, so this was a natural progression for me to document the tips and tricks i have learnt along the way to hopefully help like minded travelers to get the most out of their travels.
When we’re not traveling in Australia or Vacationing overseas, we are researching and hunting down bargains or hacks to save money on our next holiday at the cheapest price possible. We love to spend time with our family on weekends or go out cruising on my husbands motorbike.

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